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Made in Greece.Korres.


Korres is a Greek cosmetic company, with products made from natural ingredients, for both men and women.
The company was founded in Athens in 1996 by Georgos Korres, a pharmacist from Naxos.
He was a pioneer In Greece in this field.

Read all about the Korres company and their wonderful products at the above link.

Georgos Korres
Georgos Korres

The products are amazing, the variety, the fragrances, the colours.
There is anything that you would every need , bath and shower gels, body lotions, face creams, makeup and perfume.
They have the every day necessities such as toothpaste, hand creams and soaps.

sweet almond liquid soap Korres
 Sweet almond liquid soap

This sweet almond liquid soap smells heavenly and comes in a good sized bottle, 400ml, always nice to have a large size when it is something that you use daily.

When you are faced with the Korres products, you just don't know what to try first, the smells, oh the smells, there is not a single one that I don't like. The names sound just as good as they smell!
Santorini vine, water lily, vanilla cinnamon, basil lemon.

Korres basil lemon
Korres basil lemon.

Of course, because of my love for lemons, I always come back to this one, basil lemon.

Both MGG and I have used the fragrances,
I go for vetiver.

Korres vetiver fragrance
Korres vetiver fragrance

MGG goes for mountain pepper, it says it is for men but I also use this one.

Korres mountain pepper fragrance
Korres mountain pepper fragrance

I like that their products are accompanied by a list, stating what is and what isn't in the ingredients,

Korres formula facts
Korres formula facts

The makeup is wonderful too with colours to suit all complexions.
These sweet little lip balms with a hint of colour, really do look like macarons, as they were shown in one advert.

Korres lip balm
Korres lip balm

How sweet they look!

Korress lips
Korress lips

and even sweeter here!

There are both powder and cream blushers, I prefer to use a cream blush and love this one that can also be used on the lips.
Korres blush
Korres blush

The face creams cover all ages, I have used the black pine face cream, now my skin is beyond help, too much sun and too many cigarettes but I swear I saw a bit of improvement while using this!
Korres black pine antiwrinkle & firming day cream
Korres black pine antiwrinkle & firming day cream

I want to show you every thing, I love this brand so much but it would take all day!
So have a look at the link at the beginning of the post.

Korres can now be found all over the world.

Not only is it environment friendly, it is pocket friendly too!
Very reasonably priced.


  1. Love Korres, but try Agema products ( all natural too.Tina

    1. Thanks for the link Tina.
      I will certainly have a look at this.I haven't heard of it before.


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